About us

Living the Sweet Life!


I’m Gayle, also known as the “Candy Queen,” and Popping Candy is my baby, born from the love of shoes – especially fun, quirky, unique shoes with an artistic flair.
Popping Candy is all about empowering people to  find and own their true selves, embracing our similarities and celebrating our differences, and living the Sweet Life!

We’re not shy, we don’t hide in the corner, and we love attention! And we want you to have fun, be brave and put your best foot forward… all while rocking cute, comfy shoes!
We LOVE seeing our #shoesinthewild, so please send us your shoe selfies and fun shoe pics to ness@poppingcandy.com.au or via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/poppcandy!
Popping Candy makes life sweet!
Happy shopping and much shoe love,