Custom SugarPops

custom sugarpops

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*NOTE: Custom options are only available for our Collection One SugarPOP kitten heels (DragonGlass, RedRum, Knotty, Spotted, XXX and Mingo), which include a velcro close on the strap - currently offered in perfect condition for $80AUD. Our Collection two SugarPOPs (Minx, Myth, Reign, Salute, Jailhouse Rock, Morello, ChaCha and High Tea, as well as v2.0 of Mingo, Spotted, RedRum, DragonGlass) have all arrived in perfect condition with upgraded materials and retail for $100, and as such are not available to customise except when you purchase extra bow sets to change the bow colour of your pair/s. If you are looking for a custom pair of Collection One (velcro) SugarPOPs, please read on! :)

Customise your pair! Use the form below to tell us your particular criteria! Are your feet two different sizes? Do you have an injury and just need one shoe?Do you (gasp!) hate the bow? Or conversely, do you need a set of every colour bows to change up your look? Are you beautifully quirky and in need of spectacular, mis-matched kitten heels? Tell us all about it here!

Some examples of what we mean: