Seconds SugarPOPs

Seconds SugarPops

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*NOTE: Seconds are only available for our Collection One SugarPOP kitten heels (DragonGlass, RedRum, Knotty, Spotted, XXX and Mingo), which include a velcro close on the strap – currently offered in perfect condition for $80AUD. Our Collection two SugarPOPs (Minx, Myth, Reign, Salute, Jailhouse Rock, Morello, ChaCha and High Tea, as well as v2.0 of Mingo, Spotted, RedRum, DragonGlass) have all arrived in perfect condition with upgraded materials and retail for $100. If you are looking for seconds of Collection One (velcro) SugarPOPs, please read on! ?

Our gorgeous, comfy, lightweight SugarPOP Collection One has been a game changer for Popping Candy, and my personal desire to build a shoe empire! (Insert evil laugh here, mwah – hahaha!) But there were a few learning curves we had to overcome, and one of them was ensuring that we have a quality control team in place at the factory. My beautiful assistant Vanessa and I have been Chief Inspectors since the SugarPOPs arrived in May, and there are a few pairs that don’t quite live up to our super strict standards. What this means, though, is that if you can live with a small flaw or two, you can score yourself a HUGE bargain!

Pricing categories are:

$60 per pair for a single flaw on the back of only one shoe
$50 per pair for small flaw/s on the back/s of one or both shoes
$35 per pair for small flaw/s on the side of the vamp (front) of the shoe

Build your perfect pair here, and we will be in touch with photos of the specific flaws for your perusal before you decide to purchase!