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Our community of Sweeties is all about sharing the shoe love, and sometimes also sharing the burden of challenges in our daily lives. We'd love to lift up some of our Sweeties who might be struggling in some way, or those who might be working overtime to care for others and just deserve a special treat. And since we are all like-minded shoe lovers, I think the gift of a voucher from Popping Candy AND our community might be just the thing to bring a smile to a Sweetie in need. This is a gathering of kindness, a way of paying it forward in a meaningful way to someone in our community of shoe fiends. :) Retail therapy is called that for a reason! :D

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To pay into the campaign, simply select the quantity of dollars you'd like to give. A single quantity is worth $1, so if you want to pay forward $5, then you simply change the quantity to 5 - or if you want to pay $20, change the quantity to 20, and so on. Simples! AND - for every dollar our Sweeties pay in, Popping Candy will match it with 70c  (using the 30c balance of the full 1-to1 match to pay the extra admin costs of managing this program, plus paying merchant fees to PayPal, Afterpay etc for the payments made by you, AND subsidising free shipping for whatever the recipient ends up buying with their gift voucher!). So for example -  if Sweeties contribute $100 over the course of a month, we will add $70, making the gift a $170 voucher, with free shipping! To nominate yourself or someone you love to receive a gift from this campaign, please send us an email to gayle@poppingcandy.com.au with details about why you think you - or they - could use a lift. We will choose a new Sweetie to love up each month (or even more often if the coffers stay full). Each gift voucher will be between $50 and $300, depending on how much is paid in over each collection period, taking into consideration what the nomination email requests/suggests as appropriate. We will run this campaign as a 6 month trial and will continue indefinitely if it works! This is a completely new idea for us and it may need to evolve and change over time, but for now, let's try and make some people smile, shall we!??!

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